Embroidery Jobs

Golders Safety for small volume to large corporate embroidery jobs

GoldersSafety.com.au is your Safety Equipment Specialist with a complete "in house" embroidery and thermal application service. We control the quality, and your project is our priority.

At GoldersSafety.com.au we use the latest Japanese precision Tajima embroidery machines and have a huge stock of product on hand so you don’t have to wait. We also use the latest version of Wilcom/Corel design digitising software. With over 13years experience in the embroidery industry we deliver quality.

We are happy to embroider one cap or take on your colossal work wear project. 

We can offer Embroidery Services on any of JB’s Wear products, one of Australia’s most worn and recognised apparel brands, as well as products from our store.

We appreciate your business and look forward to being the ones you turn to when you need embroidered work wear.


Example Type
Embroidery First Name Christian Name
Embroidery small logo Small Logo
Embroidery Medium logo Medium Logo
Embroidery Large logo Large Logo
Embroidery XLarge logo Extra Large Logo