Golders HistoryWe have been selling work wear for 75 years.

Golders has been a name familiar to the residents of the Darling Downs area for well over 80 years. Harold Golder moved from Victoria with his family in 1925 with an aim of starting a drapery business. In 1927 Harold opened up Roma’s drapery store with the help of his brother.  The original dockets documented the Golder’s family motto “A little more for a little less at Golders – the busy drapers’.

The Golder family now runs five clothing and footwear retail stores and a comprehensive personal safety equipment business called GoldersSafety.com.au offering personal safety equipment, uniforms and products. Despite the change in products, GoldersSafety.com.au is determined to follow the standing family business motto of a ‘little more for a little less’.

Watch below as Alf Golder takes our brand ambassador Andrew McCullough through the history of the Golders brand and store.