About Bamba

Hi, my name is Gina Golder and I have been associated within the retail sector along with my Husband James for over 20 years. I am an descendant of the Kamilaroi People and grew up in St. George, Queensland, Australia. I am the Director of “Bamba” a new and exciting brand that will be launched early 2015.  The word “Bamba” stands for Hard with force - Strong (my language.) It signifies a number of areas for us, but aims to bring together Australians as a whole nation!

Bamba's goal is simple, “Identity Built” For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, no matter what their age, to be able to seek and find their own identity before it is too late! I too, have begun to explore my culture and background just by being a part of this Bamba project. When I established my identity in Jesus Christ the feeling of belonging and knowing who I am is an amazing gift. It gives troubled hearts true security. Every truth we seek and every blessing we long for, I have found through Jesus the Alpha and Omega.

James and I are excited to embark on this new project in an effort to make a positive change for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander country men. Our message stick is “clothing”. It builds to tell stories, stories that you and I and our brothers and sisters can share. Bamba initially offers a work wear range, followed by fashion garments and accessories. Our key tool is embracing all forms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. All of our current and future clothing range incorporates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

Annually Bamba will offer an Indigenous art competition. Through this initiative we hope this will encourage participants and their relatives to research into their culture, to enable them to connect and define who they are, where they are from and who they belong too. James and I are both passionate for all Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to embrace and share with all Australians their heritage and identity through art.